Next Generation Auth has a new name.

Silent Shard: Authentication with Distributed Schemes & Internet of Proofs.

Proof of Posession

We essentially verify if the user actually possess the MFA token when attempting to get access.

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Proof of Proximity

We ensure that the login and token device are co located, in proximity of each other during authentication.

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Proof of Liveliness

Silent Auth ensures human engagement though its unique check of liveliness.

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Multi-Modal Authentication

We bring multi modal sensor signal fusion for context intelligence and authentication checks.

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Risk Intelligence and Adaptive

SilentAuth has novel 3 pillars of risk intelligence to facilitate adaptive and multi step up authentication as per the use cases and situations. 

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Continous Session Authentication

Silent Auth is first of its kind MFA to provide continous trusted session and adapt as per user and service engagements.

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Passwordless Authentication

Silent Auth supports passwordless session authentication.

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Hassle free and effortless authentication in less than a second

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Say Bye Bye to Draggy, Insecure and Centralized Auth Methods

Use Case: Authenticate with flick of the Phone

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Silent Shard: [Silent Auth || MPC] : Customizable to Support Both On-Chain and Off-Chain Authentication

Our Auth framework supports contextualised libraries for both web 2 and web 3 ecosystem.

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Built by the developers and for the developers

Silent Shard and Silent Auth come as packages of plug and play SDKs and APIs to support MFA scross different platforms.

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Partners and Customers Love Seamless Silent Auth

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Updates and Posts

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We are supporting authentication for DRIFE

Silent Ride, mobility stack support based on Silent Auth, is supporting seamless authentication for decentralised ride hailing company: DRIFE. Silent Ride enables just walk in to authenticate passengers.

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Silent Auth Wins Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge 2021

Winner in both Jury and Public Voting Cateogories, hosted by Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) - a collaborative and nationwide technical community.

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Leading through publications and report

Silence Laboratories has been sterring need of better authentication through multiple channels including publications (such as in IEEE S & P 2021, ACM ASIA CCS 2021, ACM HotMobile etc), vulnerability disclosures and reports.

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