State of Current 2FAs/MFAs Methods

Existing authenticators are either Complicated or not Secure.

1. Push to Approve 2FAs

Push based designs are vulnerable to Concurrency and Overlay Attacks.

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2. TOTP Codes

TOTP based authenticators are not seamless and are exposed to Accessibility and Overlay Attacks

3. SMS OTP based 2FAs

SMS OTPs based 2FAs are slow, unreliable and extremely insecure.

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Current Authenticators are not ready for rapidly evolving needs of web and users.

Silent Auth brings patented technologies for multiple layers of proofs through phones; without needing to open any application.

Silent Auth brings in a) proof of liveliness, b) proof of possession, c) proof of co-location, and d) provides a multi-modal multi-factor auth framework to beat the aforementioned vulnerabilities.

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Risk Adaptive

Silent Auth estimates risk based on novel 3D data layer.

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Continous Authentication

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Say Bye Bye to Draggy and Insecure MFA Methods

Silent Auth: Usable MFA support with Several Proofs

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